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Clay bar - Ben FrantzDale [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Ben FrantzDale

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Clay bar [May. 15th, 2010|04:01 pm]
Ben FrantzDale
[Current Location |US, Massachusetts, Boston]

I finally tried a clay bar for cleaning my car. I was a bit dubious. You basically just spray a lube on the car and slide clay over it. It doesn't feel like it's doing anything; no elbow grease needed. Amazingly it works. Nothing else has cleaned off the grime that builds up on the pannels behind the wheel wells, but this did it easily without scratching.

Basically, the clay hydroplanes on a very thin skim of liquid. When it encounters grime, it grabs it and conforms to it, quickly absorbing the grime so it too quickly hydroplanes and so doesn't scratch like when you try to clean that stuff up with a cloth or something else (visco)elastic. It's the viscoplasticity of the clay that works the magic.

Disclosure: My employer, 3M, relatively recently acquired Meguiar's.

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