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LCD Issue [Jun. 15th, 2010|06:55 pm]
Ben FrantzDale
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What causes this in a monitor?:

This happened to my old monitor; I replaced it, but just don't have the heart to throw out the old one. While it is a bit smaller than my new one, the image quality (when it worked properly) was just a bit better in a hard-to-define way. (I'm sure I could define it if I knew LCD technologies...)

These are vertical stripes that shimmer and seem to have something to do with the signal on the screen. They aren't stuck pixels or even stuck bits (best I can tell). It started out as one and got progressively worse. It is particularly bad on text.

The input source doesn't matter (here it's showing the unplugged-monitor screen saver).

Can I fix this, or do I use this as an opportunity to dissect an LCD down to its light-control film, light guide, and backlight?